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Marshall  Advanced Composites Design and Manufacture Structural Composite Products to provide Problem Solving solutions for Aerospace, Defence, Mass Transit and Energy Supply industries.

A team of Design, Manufacturing, Project Management and Customer Service experts, we operate from North Yorkshire in the UK.

Company Overview

Marshall Advanced Composites is accredited to AS EN 9100 which includes ISO 9001. We hold Civil Aviation Authority approvals EASA Part 145 and Part 21 sub parts “G” and “J”. Additionally we hold OEM approvals from:


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General Expertise

Marshall Advanced Composites, is an SME whose business is the Design and Manufacture of Composite Products and Structures incorporating Carbon, Glass, Kevlar, Dyneema and Carbon/Glass hybrids.

o Design
o Project Management
o FE Analysis
o Patterns & Tools
o Engineering Test House facilities
o Laboratory Product Analysis
o Manufacturing
o Painting and Finishing

Manufacturing Processes

Our manufacturing processes include:

o Vacuum Infusion
o Resin Transfer Moulding
o Filament Winding
o Pre Preg
o Hand Lay Up
o Autoclaves & Ovens
o Clean Rooms
o Spay & Bake paint facility

Product Types

Our bespoke range of products include:

o Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV)
o Rail Carriage Emergency De-Trainment Doors
o Fast Jet Helmets
o Rudders, Hydroplanes and Propulsor Ducts for submarines
o Gunshields for Type 45 destroyer
o Air-conditioning Units for Commercial Airliners
o Aircraft communication aerials
o Mining legs
o Internal Cockpit panels for Military Aircraft